New Products … scare me

When I come across new and interesting products, I like to share them with others and then ask what they’re thinking about once they’ve seen them. Today I came across a product that I found to be so interesting that blogging about it was an absolute must.

Cow Pie Clock This, my friends, is a new product called the Cow Pie Clock. It costs $40 to 50 depending on the size of the clock. It’s great to have a 100% natural product but there are some cases where people are kind of just pushing it at the moment. This lady looks very happy with her 100% authentic pile of Utah cow poo with a clock mounted in the middle of it. I’ve always assumed that animal droppings were great for planting and keeping the farms running if you’ve got a crop field or two that hasn’t been landed on by aliens (damn those crop circles). I now know that these Aliens do exist because people have been probed enough to actually decide that putting a clock on a piece of poop would be a great money making venture.

I’ve just lost some more faith in humanity. I’ve heard of getting drunk and tipping a cow but I want to assume that someone got drunk, missed the cow and lost their watch in the middle of a pile of poo. Thus, an idea was born.


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