New Product: Ezi Caddy

While I have to admit that I’m not an avid golfer, one thing that I do enjoy is the pure convenience of having a personal caddy. Today I came across a website based in Australia that has a new product named the EziCaddy.

EZCaddy Unfortunately at the moment it’s only available in Australia but knowing that 25% of my regular visitors are located in Australia I know that this entry will be of more help to them than it would be for my US visitors. Which is fine, because anything new deserves to be spoken about if it’s interesting enough to note, you know?

This product opens up and folds down in seconds, there are minimal moving parts and can easily be steered with your fingertips with it’s ultra-light design and powerful motor. It’s also created with a lightweight and compact design. Weighing under 10kg (22 lbs) but being made with strong material you know that your back is no longer to going to bother you if you’re self-caddying for the day.

Pretty interesting product, I think.


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