Mac users can play poker too!

I believe that my bookmarks are somewhere in the 1200 sites range. I really should go through it and start cleaning out the useless ones but the cool thing about me is that I have a tendency to keep all of my bookmarks categorized. Everything has it’s place, it’s the neat freak in me. Today I added a few more to my bookmarks, one of which went straight into my Apple category for Mac Poker Online.

I’m a pretty big fan of poker, I grew up playing it with not only family members but quite a few of my friends as well. We’d play for stupid things like pennies or pretzel sticks depending on who I was with. My father and I are change hoarders so naturally we’ve got a lot of pennies laying around the house. I actually used to have a huge 2 gallon wine jug filled with them which gave me around $40.00 in pennies, yes that’s about 40,000 pennies – I counted them all!

I’m tapped into a few sites where you can play poker online for free but I’ve come to find out that many of these sites are not MAC compatible based on the programs you have to download in order to play. I was surprised to come across because I had been looking for many mac resources considering my future upgrade to a mac and slowly removing myself from the windows based world. This site was created to give you an organized list of the best online poker sites for Mac users, you can play for free or for real at each of the sites and they’ve all established an excellent reputation over time.

It could be a site for many people to look into.


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