Looking into borrowing some money for a home?

I came across a new resource on the internet today in regards to mortgage loans that I’d like to just give my two cents on.

As someone who’s looking for a house, I’m making a point to choose the right resources to keep bookmarked for my future needs with taking out a loan. The house of my dreams does not come cheap but a home of my own is something that I’ve strived for for years. I’ve gone through hundreds of sites that show you different mortgage rates. I’ve also typed in numerous amounts of information on me to find out just how much I’m eligible for in regards to even getting a loan. I know that based on my good credit history that I’m able to borrow up to $200,000 and while that may not seem like very much to those living in New York considering small crappy houses start in that price range, I’m living in Delaware where homes are larger and less expensive.

I’m living in a manufactured home at the moment in a community filled with them. This house was purchased for around $125,000 plus there’s the monthly maintenance fees and what not, which is fine because it’s somewhat of an upscale community where they care very much about vanity and how your house looks is very important to them. It’s a three bedroom, two bathroom home with plenty of land and more room than anyone really knows what to do with, I believe its in the 1800-2000 square feet range.

Naturally this is the type of home I’m going to look into so coming across any kind of resources in order to get me to where I’d truly love to be is important to me. I came across goodborrower.com, which is a site that offers you mortgage rates to those with good credits using the latest mortgage automation. If you’re someone with good to excellent credit than this is the resource for you, through and through.


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