iPod Acting Up

I’m not quite sure why but my iPod doesn’t seem to like me today. It keeps shutting itself down. I know the battery is full because I just took it off the charger about an hour ago. I think it may be my new head phones. I know if the head phones I plug into it are too powerful the iPod would just shut itself down but that’s based on a volume thing. I’ve got the music on very low just to have some sort of background music so this truly makes no sense to me.

Maybe it’s about time I invest in a new one. I got this 20GB one for free from freeipods.com, so I’d hate to get rid of it. I bought my fiance a 30GB video for Christmas. I almost got myself the 80GB Video but I stopped myself from spending the extra money.

Any suggestions as to why it’s shutting down? Google is crap at the moment.



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