iPhone launch gives disappointing results

The iPhone made it’s official launch on June 29, 2006. AT&T/Cingular and Apple based stores were swarmed with long lines and cheery people anticipating getting what some are considering the best new technology in years, basically since the iPod even though there were stand up MP3 players long before the iPod took off.

Estimated phone sales in the US have reached the 700,000 units mark for the iPhone but this doesn’t mean that the stocks are going up with Apple. I do know that many stores had to close their doors due to the iPhone selling out. It was funny to find out that a few people who’d stopped by the Cingular/AT&T store around me were only going in to purchase a completely different phone but still had to stand in line for over 4 hours just to get to an employee to renew/upgrade their contract with.

There are many faults with the phone that have had new users a bit annoyed with the phone, but happy at the same time. I came across a blog the other day stating that it was over 36 hours since purchase and their phone still was not activated. They, however, then noted that it could have been due to the high volume of people wanting to get their accounts setup on iTunes as soon as possible.

There are also some faults with the phone that I found to be rather interesting. I came across an article listed on someone’s forums in regards to the disappointment with the iPhone, you can check out this 20 item list by visiting this link.

I previously predicted that the iPhone is nothing more than hype for what I consider to be a somewhat low-quality product. It was pushed too soon, flaws were not looked into and I can almost guarantee that there was no real beta testing done on the product to learn what would happen with real life usage of the phone, not what a factory test will do for you.


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