Internet Poker

If you’ve played Internet Poker and are looking for a new resource then I think I’ve found something fairly interesting this evening that I’d like to share with you.

I’ve been playing poker for many years and I’ve always found it hard to find US Poker Rooms because it’s currently illegal in the US to house servers for someone gamble online – this is why so many people are looking into sites from other countries and why many servers are located in other countries so users can still play. The site I found is and they’re a directory of other poker related websites on the internet. There’s a mailing list where you can get 10 poker tips a month and there’s also a write up for sites listed so that you can see a first hand review. There’s even a review for which is one of the largest poker sites with 100,000 players online at peak times. They give you a player traffic break down, a summary of the site, the software used for these sites and even the payment methods for the sites as well. I think it’s a fairly decent resource for anyone looking to play without having to travel to a local tournament.

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