Interested in making a little money?

Over the course of the last 10 months or so, many sites have been popping up that offer you the ability to get paid to blog.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve taken part in blogging for money, it’s how I’m able to maintain the work-at-home lifestyle and still manage to have some spending money left over after the bills have been paid. Today I’m focusing on Smorty because they’re not as well-known as the sites you may currently be involved with but that’s the reason I’m posting about them. Even sites that offer you the ability to get paid to blog need some exposure themselves.

I’ve worked with Smorty in the past. Their system is fairly simple. You log in, check to see if any posts are available and unlike many sites where you have five minutes – tops – in order to blog about the topic, Smorty gives you 72 hours. This means that there will no longer be random posts that weren’t properly thought out being spewed all over the blogosphere. You have the ability to sit back and really think about what you’re going to say, and then – in the end – truly earn the money you’ve made. Now, I haven’t made much with them but that’s based on the fact that there aren’t that many advertisers drooling over this company the way larger ones are. This doesn’t mean I discredit them in any way though. They’re holding their ground, sticking to their guns, and doing just fine.

If you’re interested in earning a little bit of money here and there from your blog and are uninterested in dealing with a fast paced site that’s over-run with money-hungry people than Smorty is the service for you. Check them out, there’s about $40 worth of opportunities available at the moment (that I can see at least) and they’re pretty quick about approving/denying weblogs in their system.


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