In need of a nip/tuck?

With all of the pull that the media has on society, naturally you’re going to find that 1 out of every 3 people is looking into, considering, or even have had some form of plastic surgery.

I thought the numbers were a little strange myself, considering I’m not exactly looking into any kind of cosmetic procedure but millions of dollars are spent every year in the US alone on improving something, sucking something out, or getting something implanted. A very popular thing to hear about is someone who’s traveled out to California to see a top doctor on Rodeo Drive for Los Angeles breast enhancement. As someone with a naturally larger chest, I’m unsure of why someone with a smaller frame would truly want a D-cup implanted. This is connected to all of my back problems though.

I do know of a girl I used to go to high school with, she had what they called the “jewish nose” and for her 16th birthday her parents permitted her to get rhinoplasty because of how insecure she was feeling about herself. In situations like that, I can completely understand the need for cosmetic surgery. She didn’t care about the baby weight around the rest of her body, implants weren’t something of interest to her either. She didn’t go as far as Micheal Jackson, who at this point is probably the poster child for NOT getting any kind of surgery but you don’t see him plastered up on a bill board either – you know? She’s more confident in herself now, and last I heard it also improved her breathing because they opened things up for her a little bit as well.

Situations like these are always a great thing. The woman in Texas ( I believe ) who’s had over 30 procedures so she can look like Barbie is ridiculous to me.  If you were meant to look a certain way then you would look that way.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.


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