I’m rather antsy

It’s my anniversary and while I’m waiting very patiently for UPS to show up and deliver my gift for Sean, I’m also sitting here enjoying mine. He purchased me a new graphics card and it’s much nicer than his, the one he’s so proud of, so that has me feeling all warm and tingly inside.

It’s an ATI Radeon PCI-E 512MB GDDR2 with VGA/DVI/TV Out. 128 bit memory interface.

The graphics on this card are amazing, my second monitor should be showing up sometime in the next week so I’ll finally be working on a dual monitor setup. I truly can’t wait. Part of me was considering going out and purchasing two 22″ widescreen LCD’s and trashing my current 19″. I kind of like the idea of wide screen because you can do more when it comes to Photoshop, that’s the major thing for me.

However, in upcoming weeks I do hope to have enough money for an iMac and I know for sure that anything graphics based is going to be switched over to that computer. So what would you suggest?

Should I hold off on the two larger screens and just get myself a second 19″? I do fully intend to have two monitors for the desktop either way. The mac would be on a completely different desk for usage – I’m going to need to get me a good quality spinny chair, heh.


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