I own a Wii

The other night Sean decided to pull out the credit card and purchase a Wii online. He found one on eBay for about $30 over the store-listed price but it was also coming from Canada so I want to assume that also had something to do with it.

I handed over $100 towards it, not realizing that we would actually be purchasing one right then and there and about five minutes later he began jumping for joy saying he’s officially the new owner of a Wii, I told him to calm down and not really get his hopes up until after it showed up at our front door. According to the seller, shipping takes 4-6 weeks from Ontario, Canada.

So since we’re the new owners, not officially until it shows up or anything, we’ve been looking into the different games that we’re interested in playing. I personally am fine with the mini games that comes with the console and maybe spending $5 on downloading the original Mario. After that I may purchase Rayman and Mortal Combat. I have my DS, I’m very happy with my DS so having more than one console is really going to be kind of useless to me.

Something is telling me that the Wii is going to show up the same day that Halo 3 comes out so I may wind up playing it before Sean actually does. He wants to run on a 24-hour Halo party kind of thing, and wants me to correspond in the process writing down things he likes and dislikes about the game. Come September 25th, I’m sure I’ll be doing quite a bit of blogging. But it’s just my hope that it’s more about the Wii than Halo, honestly.


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