Heading south…

I’ve been interested in taking a vacation for quite some time now. I’ll openly admit to the fact that I live in a tourist community but this doesn’t mean that I want to stay here, either. Yes, I have boardwalks and beaches all over the place and I absolutely love the beach but again, dealing with all of the benny’s (out of towner’s) is just annoying to me.

So instead, naturally, I’m going to look at other vacation spots and BE one of those benny’s for a couple days. I’ve looked into quite a few places but with my love of the water I’ve limited myself to a general tourist area that’s close to the ocean, and I decided upon Myrtle Beach . I came across this website when I was looking to find out quite a bit of information in regards to a vacation here. It lists everything from hotels to recreation and even a list of webcams in Myrtle Beach. It could use a little punching up – design wise – but even extreme simplicity gets all of the information out there. Check out myrtlebeachbible.com if you’re interested in a vacation there.


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