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If you’re someone who likes to travel, and even more so, are someone who only travels based on reviews that you’d get from fellow travelers, than this is more than likely going to be a valuable resource for you.

I came across, they’re a resource that offers you everything from hotel rates to the ability to hire a car. The difference with this site, as opposed to many others, is the fact that the listings are based on places where the support staff has actually visited. They’re not going to say “Hawaii is gorgeous, I’ve seen pictures!”. No, they’ve actually been there and can give you a first hand account of exactly how great these places are. When I first found the site the article I based it on was a flight to Cyprus. I did some reading into where Cyprus is located and I have to say it’s just as gorgeous as Hawaii, naturally I’d go to Hawaii first but that’s because it’s been my dream to go there for many years.

Cyprus is in the Mediterranean and has been a pretty popular destination for the last 9,000 years. I know that’s kind of a strange number to give but Romans, Phoenicians, Persians, Greeks, Assyrians, Egyptians and Byzantines have all ruled there at one point, that kind of history isn’t something you’re going to see in hot vacations spots like Myrtle Beach. So now I’m to the point of rethinking my next vacation destination, I’ll more than likely use this site for it as well.


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