Freebie Fanatic

I’ve been in the advertising and marketing business for quite some time so when someone wants to send me free product samples, I tend to jump all over it – depending on what they’re asking for in return of course. A few companies have contacted me in regards to clothing, electronics, pet supplies, school supplies and more. Half of the items on my desk weren’t purchased by me, but sent to me by the advertiser and then I write up a blog entry with my likes/dislikes of the product and go from there.

The cool thing about freebies are the fact that they aren’t limited to just those in the marketing field. Even the average run of the mill personal blogger can be tapped into this world and it won’t cost them a dime in the process. There’s a site online where you can get free samples and printable coupons for basically anything your heart desires. They some of these sites offer everything from health and beauty products to food, make up, cosmetics, perfume, baby products, diet pills and much, much more.

Surf around the internet, or even visit the links above for starters. You’ll find so many interesting things, great deals and even just free samples of new products in general that you’ll find yourself drooling whenever the FedEX or UPS man shows up at your door (whether he’s attractive or not is completely irrelevant heh).


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