Dying my hair.

Unfortunately the gray in my hair has come back with avengence and I had no choice but to get myself back on track with dying my hair. For many years now I’ve always had it done for me. I lived in a house hold filled with beauticians and my family also runs their own cosmetics business so naturally it was easy for me to tap into these resources. I don’t think I’ve ever paid for a hair cut or to hide my gray hair.

My first gray hair showed up at the age of four. I’m not sure why but from there it’s kind of ballooned into a new bunch of hair every few months would just pop up out of no where. Family claims it’s stress related but what does a four year old really know about stress? By the time I was 14 I was more than half gray, spending countless hours in a chair each month to cover it up for the last 8 years has been nothing more than horrible but at 22, the last thing you want is to have more gray hair than your 60 year old father.

So today I went ahead and threw some dye in, instead of my usual dark brown I punched up the color with a bit of purple and now as I’m typing this, I’m ‘cooking’ so to speak. I have about 10 minutes before I need to wash everything out, I figured I’d get a little bit of work done in the process.


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