Drug Addiction Treatment

A topic that I’m passionate about is addiction. This could be by means of alcohol or drug use, it doesn’t matter. Today I came across a website that specializes in addiction, but the one that stood out was in regards to painkiller addiction treatment.

A few years ago I lost a very dear friend of mine to an overdose. In her was a cocktail of both pain killers and anti-depressants. Levels that even a 400lb man could have lost his life to. I believe she swallowed approximately 10,000 mg of this combination, both subscriptions had just recently been refilled.

I know why she’d done it, her mother unfortunately still doesn’t quite understand the reason behind it. She spent many years battling her depression after she’d lost her fiance in Iraq and no matter how hard she tried to move ahead with her life, nothing really worked for her. But knowing her personally I can tell you right off the bat that no matter what clinic she wound up going to, she wasn’t going to continue once she was released from her stay. She was too heart broken and unfortunately just too far gone.

She looked into numerous clinics, none of them gave her the help that she desperately desired. There are thousands of resources on the internet that will point you to the right treatment center, the one I came across this evening was 1800nodrugs.com. They’re a database of drug treatment centers across the US that will match you up to the treatment center of your needs. They offer you the ability to find both drug and alcohol based centers to help you get back on track with living a healthy drug-free lifestyle. They are a drug-rehab referral services, please do not get them confused with an actual clinic. They will help to place you, or a loved one, in a facility to regain the healthy lifestyle they so desperately need.

If you’re someone who’s interested in helping someone, or even someone who needs help themselves, please use 1800nodrugs.com – they can help you to save your life.


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