Don’t stick with free resources, pay for better ones!

PPP As someone who runs my own web design business, I understand the importance of making sure that my templates not only validate through multiple browsers and operating systems but that they work properly with the clients web hosting provider as well.

80% of the templates I provide are based on some form of CMS based software. I believe it’s important that everyone knows that there is a program out there that will do everything for you and there’s also a web hosting provider that will help you at the same time. Common programs are WordPress but that is because almost 100% of the sites I come across on a regular basis are blog related in some way shape or form. This does not discount programs like Drupal, Mambo and larger programs that are used for a more ‘full site’ based scale.

I know when you’re just starting out on the internet that you don’t really want to spend any money on your own domain name and web hosting space, most of you wouldn’t even know how to go about doing this. There are companies out there that will help you with all aspects of your website and make it easy for you do as well. Hosting is relatively inexpensive if you go with the right companies. Some will start you off at just $20 per year with a domain name included. All you would have to do is decide what domain name you’d be interested in having. This shouldn’t be too hard because I know that many of the people I come across are rather creative and naturally they’d be able to come up with something very quickly.

Once you’ve decided on a domain name you then must decide where you’d like to host your website. I know that there are many hosts out there that can be confusing but a key thing to look for is to make sure they permit you to run a personal/business/non-profit based weblog on their servers. Those who do, will also provide you with blog based programs to get your website up and running quickly and easily at that.

Do some searching around, I guarantee that you’ll come up with everything you need in just a few clicks of the mouse.


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