Digital Picture Frames

Don’t have access to a computer but want to access your digital images easily? This post is definitely for you!

So you’re walking around and aimlessly snapping about with your digital camera and think “I should probably print out some of these and buy some frames!”, you’re more tech-savvy friend then smacks you on the head and points you in the direction of – Why? because you can now take that tiny little media card out of your digital camera and plug it into a digital photo frame that will instantly display a slide show of all of the images you’ve taken.

With the rise in digital imaging, no one thinks about the cost of processing film anymore. It’s my inkling that over the course of the next 10 years there won’t be a photo developing station around because of the new technology with photography. Sure, I know many people who still work off of 35mm and if I had the Nikon of my dreams I’d be in line with them looking to develop some film. But, fact of the matter is, computers make life more convenient so naturally digital photography is going to be popular. With the right camera you can take a quick shot and if the lighting is just good enough for you to get lucky with a memorable shot – that’s money in the bank.

If you’re just someone who takes a lot of family photos and want to display them throughout the house then naturally you’re going to look into a disposable camera or you’re going to upload your images online and have them sent to Walmart or something to be printed for you. You don’t have to take this route anymore. You just have to drop a little money on new technology like the digital picture frame and just load your little media card in and viola, your pictures show up instantly and it even comes with a little remote so you can pause images for still-frame viewing. It’s like flipping through pictures of your vacation, only this time your friends and family won’t be bored with the 100 pictures of your hotel room – they’ll be too busy wondering how they all wound up in this little box that doesn’t need to be passed around.

Hate fingerprints on your pictures? Problem solved!

Check out – I own one, it’s worth it.


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