Damn you, WINDOWS!

I’m not sure why but I’ve been having some trouble with my computer lately. There seems to be some kind of a lag going on with it but that would make no sense to me considering there’s literally nothing running in the background and there’s more than enough ram to accommodate everything I do on a daily basis with this thing.

At first I thought this had something to do with the recent upgrade of my graphics card but I’m sure it’s not considering it’s a brand new card and every single review that I’ve read on this card has not once mentioned a lag. Mine is more of a ‘boot lag’ as I like to call it. When attempting to open programs my computer is deciding against it unless I reboot. I assumed that it was holding the programs in the background but a quick check of that has proven to me that isn’t the case.

Either way it’s got me confused as to what’s seriously going wrong and it’s beginning to put a damper on getting any work done. I’m the kind of person that can not deal with complete chaos so having more than one program open at a time is nothing more than annoying to me. If I’m working on something graphically, anything code/browser related (unless I need them) aren’t open. Now I’ve had to basically keep EVERYTHING open just so there’s a constant flow of work being done and it’s coming across as extremely overwhelming. I just hope that this clears itself up with all of the scans I plan on doing tonight.


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