Coup Classique

There are many different games that one can play to keep you fully relaxed and concentrated. Some play checkers, others play chess. Then there’s dominoes, cards and other board games. My absolute favorite has, and always will be, backgammon. I’ve been playing this game for years and it’s the only board based game that I can play that will calm me down every single time

I learned to play when I was about 5 years old. I walked into my grandmothers kitchen one day and found a few people sitting around the table playing with what I thought was checkers considering there were two different colored pieces on the board. I then realized that the board itself wasn’t in the checker pattern but it was based on what, to me, looked like spikes. I climbed up on the chair and just watched what was going on. I saw all of the moves that were being made. I was so interested that I turned to my grandmother and demanded that she’d teach me how to play later on. The following Sunday I was parked at the table learning how to play backgammon with her. From then on, almost every Sunday afterwards, that was our thing to do together. She’d have the board pulled out and waiting for me to play with her after dinner.

My fiance has been asking me to teach him how to play for quite some time now. Unfortunately I don’t have a board to play on anymore. It was lost after she’d passed away and part of me believes that she had something to do with that. It was our board, and will always remain our board. I guess I’ll just have to buy a new one for the start of my new life with my fiance.


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