Company Overview: Acton Mobile Industries

It’s important to make sure that no matter what happens in the world around you that you can still continue to keep your business up and running without any major changes. In a natural disaster, for example, equipment and office space can easily be lost in a flash flood or tornado. There are companies out there whom offer you the ability to regain not only your lost computers but some will even provide you with office space.

PPPThere’s a company named Acton Mobile Industries, which is a new value leader in mobile space and has sixteen offices in the US providing temporary space solutions in the construction, education, industrial, health care, infrastructure, engineering and real estate markets. Whichever type of commercial space is needed, Acton can supply you with an office trailer quickly and within your budget.

Their products meet all federal, state and local standards to insure that you’re not only in a safe building but one with wheel-chair access as well. This way you’re sure to have everything you need in order to keep your business up and running.

They also offer more permanent structures as well. You can meet with one of their sales consultants and draw up plans for all of your office specifications. They’ll help you with everything from layout to design of your new mobile office trailer space and their experts will insure that your building is designed exactly as you specified.

Acton Mobile Industries leases or sells their products and handles all of the details of each individual transaction. They accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express to simplify the payment process for their customers. Their products are covered by full maintenance leases or purchase warranties.

If you run your own business and are in need of office space, temporary or permanent, then Acton Mobile Industries is the company for you!


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