Coming Soon: Motorola RAZR2!

I like being able to introduce up and coming products to my readers. This article is about the coolest product to come from Motorola since the original RAZR. RAZR2 will be available to the public soon and this is the information that I’ve been able to dig up on it.

The phone that redefined style, slimness, and hating on vowels just one-upped itself. The new RAZR2 measures just 12 or 13 millimeters thin – that’s about 15 percent slimmer than the original V3 – and sports a huge two-inch external LCD that not only shows text messages but also allows you to control music playback using three touch-sensitive buttons.

All three versions of this sequel feature two-megapixel cameras and stereo Bluetooth, but only the GSM-enabled V8 and V9 share a full HTML browser and take advantage of Motorola’s CrystalTalk technology, designed to ensure clear calls in noisy environments. The RAZR2 V8’s secret weapon is it’s Linux/Java interface, which is customizable so that your favorite apps are always just a couple clicks away. And the faster HSDPA-enabled V9 has the ability, if your carrier offers it, to make “See What I See” one-way video calls.

Last but not least is the V9m, which will run on CDMA/EV-DO networks and, along with the V9, will enable users to download songs over the air, launch the music player, and navigate their playlists right from the external display.


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