Charity starts at home

Typically when someone asks you what charity you support, naturally the first word that comes out of someones mouth may be on the topic of either Animals or some kind of Environmental act. The difference is, what do you have to show for this support?

I can tell you right off the bat that I can show you receipts for my support with the ASPCA over the last five years. They are a charity based out of New York that works for Animal Rights, Welfare, and Services. Not only am I an avid watcher of “Animal Cops” on The Animal Planet but I’ve also sponsored about 20 dogs in the last few years as well. A few of which have actually been on television. Just because I’m unable to physically bring one of the animals into my home, doesn’t mean I’m not going to aid in taking care of them.

It’s important to give where giving is needed. Hardly any money is spent on Animals, meanwhile we’re throwing money at people from other countries for free health care, I think it’s rediculous. There are stupid men and women using dogs for fighting and they get maybe a year – at most – in jail for it. If you kill a person you plead insanity. I’m sick of my tax dollars going towards someone who can’t function properly in society. Dogs and Cats are supposed to be considered members of the family, throwing them up on a chain in the back yard does not make you a pet owner, bottom line.

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