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A topic that has interested me for quite some time is real estate. I know this sounds strange coming from a technology nerd, but it’s true. A lot of money has exchanged hands because of a simple thing known as property investment. I’m not talking in regards to a few hundred here, couple thousand there. Billions of dollars are spent every single year in real estate, how could you not want to jump on the bandwagon?

I watch a lot of shows in regards to property investing. This goes from flipping houses to turning a one family house into an apartment building, depending on the chunk of land it’s located on of course. The thing I’ve found to be financially fruitful is the fact of owning the land and renting it out. I live in a gated community. The owner of the community charges a monthly fee for every house located on the property and they get away with a killing. Figure people are spending anywhere from $400-$600 a month (depending on where their house is located) and there are over 200 homes in the complex, this brings your average INCOME to somewhere in the range of $80,000-$120,000 a MONTH. The owner of this complex owns about three of them in the area. One of which is priced much higher than this one because it’s closer to the beach. Homes in that community range in the $800-$1,200 a month as far as property rent is concerned, there are also an estimated 300 homes in that community as well. When adding all of the numbers up, the owner of these communities average somewhere in the $800,000 a month range. His average yearly income is somewhere in the 9.6 million range. Yes, a lot of these numbers are rounded but I know that the rent on our property is $450 a month.

Based on research, and yes you should know by now that I’m the research QUEEN. I did a lot of looking into property statistics and then naturally followed it with property facts that helped the statistics reach the levels that they currently are. There is currently a property for sale in the area that’s 5 acres and currently zoned for commercial usage. It’s being sold for somewhere in the 1.2 million range but I know that if I took that property for 1.2 million and rezoned it for residential I could put up my own community right by the beach and turn my 1.2 million investment into a multi-million dollar housing facility.

It’s all really based on hard work. I’ve considered looking into my real estate license, I know that there are a lot of real estate agencies down here looking for a load of help that could bring in quite a bit of money for me if I freelanced for multiple companies. I just need to get around to completing my list of goals in the order that they’re written down – you know?


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