Bring back 35mm film, damn it!

I’ve been having some trouble with my digital camera lately. For some reason my computer doesn’t want to read anything off of the memory card so I’ve wound up having to boot my laptop and run off of the card reader in order to gain access to my pictures. I’m in the process of reinstalling the drivers on my desktop so that I can avoid having to do this every single time. It sucks when you’re on a deadline for something and are unable to get anything to work the way it’s supposed to!

I’ve had my camera for a few months now, after waiting approximately 6 months before I even received it from the company I got it through. I’m pretty big on the “get it for free” kind of websites. I’ve received an iPod, flatscreen television, over $2600 and my digital camera. It’s an Olympus SP-350 and comes in at a lovely 8 megapixels. There’s movie options, microphone and much more throw into this little sucker which is why it uses up so much battery life. Unfortunately this isn’t the route I’d like to take with photography but you also have to factor in that digital is more convenient these days as well.

I’m the kind of person that’s head over heals for 35mm film, I spent my entire high school ‘career’, so to speak, in the dark room developing film and that was probably the one place in the world where I can ever say that I was truly relaxed and extremely happy to be. I don’t know if it was the fumes from the developing chemicals or what but I was happy either way. If I could ever get my hands on a Nikon, some black and white film and a developing lab – I’d be one happy chick.


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