Becomming an Internet Millionaire

There are hundreds of thousands of people who use the Internet on a daily basis in order to earn a living. Of those, more than half are working their way up to making Internet millions. For me, personally, it kicked off when someone created a million dollar homepage in order to pay for school. Since then thousands of sites have popped up with the exact same ‘idea’ but have failed to actually make it that far. Sure, they could have possibly come up with a quick couple of hundred dollars but this, by no means, can pay the bills for someone.

There are a lot of get-rich-quick schemes on the Internet. I can’t tell you how many emails I go through on a daily basis telling me that I can earn my millions through stuffing envelops and making $5 per envelope, taking on line surveys, joining affiliate programs for products that no person in their right mind would even touch and of course there’s Google Adsense.

When it comes to stuffing envelopes, I’ll guarantee that you’ve received one or two of these letters in the mail. They’re coming from a retired attorney in Colorado or a school teacher in Florida requesting just $1 from the numerous people he/she mailed out in order to help build something or go towards their future home purchase. Either excuse is a complete line of bull and anyone who falls for it, I just feel sorry for you. Don’t listen to these mailings, they grabbed your name out of a random database, maybe even your domains DNS information and took advantage of many Terms of Service attached to it. Unless you’ve willingly signed up to receive these letters than make it a point to throw it out. If you’re getting something from April Dewey in Florida that’s a plain envelope and you weren’t expecting it, don’t read anything more than the first line. It IS a scam.

“Take an on line survey and earn $40-$50 per survey” – I’ll admit, since I was physically doing something I did attempt this. Did I make any money? Absolutely Not. I took a survey about Women’s Health one evening. I know for sure that I’m a woman so naturally I figured “Hey, I can do this!” Having a personal website I’d taken many surveys in the past, fellow web masters had some setup as long email forms so their visitor is able to interact with them. This, naturally, was before the blogosphere hit it big. I figured filling out one with just yes or no questions and randomly clicking on little bubbles wouldn’t be too hard at all and hey – there’s the chance of making decent money out of this. I spend 10 minutes on this survey, I figured if I was going to be paid for it, I’d make it a point to read everything carefully. I get to the last screen, submit my survey and am then forwarded to another website where if I sign up for 3 offers my $100 Olive Garden gift card would arrive in the mail. I blinked a few times, tipped my head to the side and realized I’d just wasted 10 minutes of precious design time on something as stupid as filling up one’s database with all of my personal information. This pissed me off, but I moved on.

Not every site works like this though. Most of them require you to spend up to $40 claiming you’ll get it all back after the first survey. There’s the same single mother of three on every website claiming that she’s making over $10,000.00 per month – part time – working for these companies. Trust me, if she made any money it was based on the stock image she took a long time ago that’s coming back with a vengeance on every single website looking to take your cash!

Some will even tell you that Google Adwords is going to make you money, they fail to tell you that you have to pay to even be a part of Adwords, so you’re spending 10 cents per click to drive visitors to your site but aren’t making any kind of a profit in return. Now Adsense, there are quite a few lawsuits against Google for considering their ability to randomly boot people earning good money because they claim you aren’t following the rules. I had a very vindictive person, and not quite sure why, parked up on my website for a good hour and continuously clicking the same advertisement, something that is against Google’s terms of service. Even though I had absolutely nothing to do with this, the $1,200.00 I had in my monthly earnings waiting for me, I was removed from the system for ‘cheating’.

So today I came across a website that says “Make Internet Millions“, naturally my first inkling was to just keep on clicking and go ahead with my daily life. For some reason, this one sucked me in. Jerry Allen’s “The poor mans guide to becoming an Internet millionaire”. After reading through some of the information, a lot of it was based on Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Traffic and How to build an Internet Based Business. He’s selling an eBook that will teach you the steps you need to take in order to get to where he is. I’m sure he even did his write up from the $1.6 million dollar home that’s shown from initial load-up of the book itself.

It IS possible to make a lot of money on the Internet, you just need to know how to bring in the visitors. I personally don’t need a handbook telling me how to make my site keyword heavy and Google friendly. I don’t need an eBook explaining how to monetize my site with small keyword powered advertisements and I already know that there is a lot of money to be made through direct marketing. Considering I’m a member of the paid/sponsored blogging community I naturally know the potential of monthly income I have at my fingertips.

I’m not telling you to download this eBook, by any means. If you’re someone who is sick and tired of the small stuff and not even bringing in enough monthly earnings to cover your pre-paid cell phone, then please download the eBook and find out how HE did it. He claims to have made $8,000.00 in the first month just using the tricks of the trade that he picked up working on websites over the course of his career. I’ve also learned tricks like these as well and can say that they do actually work.

I’ll give you an inside view of what can start you off, without any money being spent on your part: Make your site keyword heavy, Google likes keywords that’s exactly what their system runs off of. And, for the love of god, watch your coding. If page builders are all you can handle then please use something that will validate it’s code such as Dreamweaver. Extra useless tags being scattered about on a page are absolutely horrible. I do commend this guy for making the money he claims to have made with his tips/tricks/secrets but you would think for someone with as much cash as he has, he’d invest in either a webmaster or just a solid program in general. It doesn’t look like a millionaires website – sorry to say it Jerry, but as a consumer looking to make the most out of my website – I’d be heavily design conscious.

For those who couldn’t give a lick about design and find his content appealing, it’s $49.95 and tell them AGn Designs sent you.


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