Baby, baby, baby…

I’m someone who enjoys shopping. It’s hard for me to do as much shopping as I once did because I’m no longer living under my father’s roof and I have to make sure I have the ability to keep my head above water. This will help me later on down the road considering the fiance wants children and I know for a fact that I’ll have to tighten the strings just so I don’t break the bank on baby clothes.

The cool thing about having a child, I say, is the fact that you’re thrown a huge baby shower and friends and family will go ahead and throw clothing, supplies and gadgets at you all from the heart. I did some surfing around and came across a website that offers everything from balloons to just plain baby shower tableware. There are even themes for these parties too! I’m the kind of person that if I do ever have children, it doesn’t matter what sex they are – I’d love them just the same. I wouldn’t want a baby shower held for me unless I knew what the sex was though. If I was having a girl I think I’d definitely go for the princess baby shower theme considering I’m the kind of person who spoils children and who’s more spoiled than a princess?

I don’t know, either way I find a lot of things online that I think are either cute, interesting, or just plain nuts. I have to say that is my newest cute resource considering all of the themes they have to offer. It’s not just baby showers, they cover bridal and run-of-the-mill showers as well. I’m going to keep them bookmarked for my next big event. Gotta love themes!


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