Alive Web Directory

For quite some time now, to increase hits from higher ranking sites on the internet, I’ve been submitting myself to a few web directories here and there. I came across Alive Directory recently and was attracted to their PR6 and low Alexa rankings. They offer you the ability to add your website to a family friendly internet resource directory – which is always a nice thing considering many directories permit adult based content and that’s just not where I’d like AGn Designs to be affiliated.

The only thing I didn’t personally like about their site is the fact that you need to pay in order to be a member of their directory. I want to know for sure if my money is being well spent so all I can suggest for them is some kind of a trial offer. If I notice a decent amount of hits coming from them, then naturally I’d want to pay them for their services. I run my own web directory but it’s based primarily for personal based websites, I have considered running a more business oriented directory for quite some time now but never quite knew what route I’d like to take. I think that while you do have to pay for their services, if you happen to wish to submit your site to this directory you’d probably have some decent luck with it. If you’re at all interested in their services just head over to and submit your website. From there you can choose which payment option you’d like to make and hopefully you’ll gain a lot of exposure in return.


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