A womans $800 mistake!

I spend quite a bit of time watching G4 because my fiance is a gamer and they typically talk a lot about new technology and gaming. He’s an avid gamer, if he could he’d own every single game console known to man and I know for sure he’s anticipating being able to FIND a Wii because he’s desperate to own one at some point in time.

During Attack of the Show, I heard about a women who went to a Cingular/AT&T store with $100,00 expecting to buy out the store of iPhones and then sell them on Ebay. She hands the man at the front of the line $800 so she can cut in front of him. She walks into the store to then find out that there is a 1-unit-per-customer limit on the purchase of the iPhone. The women is now extremely disappointed but the man she gave the $800 is living it up with not only a free iPhone thanks to her cash, but a lot of accessories to boot!

Check out the video for yourself.


I hope she’s kicking herself in the ass!


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