T-Mobile now offers Wi-Fi calling

Tmobile, wanting to jump on the VoIP bandwagon, is now offering wi-fi calling through your home based internet wireless connection. For around $10 a month you can add this option to your plan and be tapped into the wi-fi connection in order to make your phonecalls from home. Those whom are using this new technology are raving about how much they’re saving when making calls at home. $10 a month breaks down to approximately $0.33 cents per day and for those spending countless hours on their cellphones, it offers quite a bit of a break on their bills by the end of the month.

My sister uses her cellphone 24/7, 12 of those hours are spent at home and I’ve recently emailed her with the news about T-mobiles new offer, knowing that the internet connection in her bedroom is wireless and she’ll be able to now tap into that connection while still having her same phone number. It saves about 12 hours a day on her cellphone bill and trust me, she can talk for that long considering her boyfriend lives in North Carolina at the moment.

I’d like to hear other’s input on this though, what do you think of T-mobile offering this new technology to it’s customers?


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