Apple launches Safari for Windows

Apple has launched the Windows based version of Safari and I can say that everyone I know has leaped on the download link recently added to There are mixed reviews about this product though. I can tell you from the get go that my computer does not like Safari very much at all. I’m unable to view the tool bar links and the address line won’t allow me to type in any kind of a website address either.

I know of a few people having this problem. I believe it’s based on the fact that I have a 64-bit processor. I know that my fiance doesn’t and Safari loads just fine on his computer, our setups are both on 32-bit windows, I would assume my processor is the key factor here for my installation of Safari not working out for me.

As a web designer, I know the importance of cross-browser compatibility and it was nice to finally be able to know how things are loading in popular mac based programs without having to go out and actually purchase a mac. I think to avoid wasted time and effort, I may consider just looking into a 17″ iMac that will not take up much room on my desk just so I can be sure that all Mac based programs are going to work 100% for me.


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