iPhone Knockoffs?

So the new iPhone is not even out yet and the web is all a flurry of iPhone knockoffs.  Its been going on for quite a while for iPods but most thought the bar would be set too high for a iPhone knock off, not so apparently.  Sporting what is believed to be a Windows Mobile interface that is skinned to resemble the iPhone GUI and a case that from a distance would fool most people its dressed to look the part. The problem is that it is filled with much of the same software silliness as a iPod knock off which is to say a GUI nightmare.  Sure you may be saving hundreds of dollars and getting about the same looking experience but the reliability of such a device is highly suspect as is its usability.  Apple’s biggest selling point is its ability to make functions that are normally hard use a little easier for the average user.  For what its worth you could at least be the first on the block with something that at least looks like a iPhone.

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