The Solar-Powered Light Show Wind Chime

This Solar-Powered Light Show Wind Chime has got four solar panels that provide power for an LED contained inside a crackled texture glass sphere. The LED progresses through seven colors, one color every three seconds, and its light is refracted through the glass which will create star-like patterns on your wall and floor. If you love your wind chimes you will love this one and want to add it to your collection. This product can be found on for around $40. Technorati: Hammacher, Wind Chimes, Solar-Powered

iPhone Knockoffs?

So the new iPhone is not even out yet and the web is all a flurry of iPhone knockoffs.  Its been going on for quite a while for iPods but most thought the bar would be set too high for a iPhone knock off, not so apparently.  Sporting what is believed to be a Windows Mobile interface that is skinned to resemble the iPhone GUI and a case that from a distance would fool most people its dressed to look the part. The problem is that it is filled with much of the same software silliness as a iPod knock off which is to say a GUI nightmare.  Sure you may be saving hundreds of dollars and getting about the same looking experience but the reliability of such a device is highly suspect as is its usability.  Apple’s biggest selling…

How often to search bots surf your site?

This is a question that I’m frequently asked by many of my clients, as well as those just looking for help with the subject at hand. The following article will explain why bots/spiders surf your website and why it can and will be a benefit for you. Spiders/bots are important to help towards the success of your website. Look at AGn Designs, for example, I’m a PR5 with over 10,000 hits per day thanks to bots and word of mouth. This article should break down why those numbers are important.