Generate Lipsum and have your blog say nothing in style

Some blogs have nothing to say, this website really has nothing to say, on purpose. Its called lipsum and it’s used for testing fonts and filling up pages with pig latinish words so you can get a better idea on how your new template or webpage will look. This website simply generates some lipsum for your site, so if you are going to say nothing, do it in style with lipsum and save us the time of reading your dribble. Check it out Technorati: Gadgets, Lipsum, Cool Sites

The Paypal Calculator!

Its thrilling selling that old Apple IIgs sitting in the basement on eBay for a cool $250 dollars so you can buy your new iPhone.  However when it comes time to get paid you suddenly feel a little ripped off.  You see not only do you get to pay eBay’s fees but you also get to pay a PayPal fee.  Now you can take out the guesswork with the PayPal calc.