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You probably have never noticed but this blog has a image for quite a few of my blog posts, an image says a thousand words so what better way to help convey your message right? What if though, you have no image to include? There are many image sites on the web that will have royalty free images but those image sites will cost you. Most royalty free image sites will set you back $200 to $1000 for the rights to use one image on your website. Even then after you spend your hard earned money on an image you must wrangle through the legalese of a contract that will bend your brain into a pretzel.

So is there a solution for bloggers out there who just want to add a picture to their website without firing up their digital camera, paying for stock pictures, or worst of all ripping off someone else’s content? Well of course there is, stock.xchng is a image site that helps you find a free (yes I said free) images to use on your site. Featuring easy to understand terms all you need to do is search, find, and download and the image is yours. You need only give the original artist credit usually, by listing them or by linking to them.

Check it out.


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