Opensource blogging, provides bloggers a way to pool resources is a way to help bloggers find new content for their websites. We noticed that many popular sites would have the same news rewritten for each site and thought what a waste to rewrite the same content. allows bloggers to pool their resources and keep their sites up to date with all of the latest content. Think of it as opensource blogging. The benefits are two fold, your site receives a link back to your site and in the future advertisement revenue, bloggers get to keep their pages current when the occasional writers block or dis-interest crops up. Quite simply this site allows bloggers to edit, proof, and post their content as well as give them a way to collectively vet ideas and content. Check it out Technorati: Opensource Blogging, Pooling Resources, Backlinks, Marketing

Backlinks are important!

Backlinks are important to search engines and wandering web traffic. Think of it like high school, if two people think you are cool and say it, you are not necessarily as cool as if you had 200 people thinking you are cool and saying it. It also matters who says it. If half of the people that say you are cool are your brothers and sisters or your teacher (someone who is traditionally uncool) then you are less cool than say the all star players on the team.