MP3 Player Shakes Up Music

MP3 Player Shakes Up Music Think music, think fun times with friends, think food. All sounds good? Well, what do you make of a salt-shaker-shaped MP3 player designed for food shaped fun! One shake fits all with this music player as the idea of shaking something to mix up the contents (music play list) is one that everyone can understand.

The Sansa Shaker from SanDisk comes in at around $40 which is a reasonable price for what you get. The MP3 player comes with an on-board speaker, making it easier to share audio files with everyone at the table. Sunday lunch with the in-laws has just got a whole lot better!

The salt-shaker-shaped music player can only play MP3 or WAV files and the shaking action does take a little time to get into, but there are two headphone jacks and headphones included. With one AAA battery, you get up to 10 hours of music and with an inbuilt SD memory card slot and USB port, transferring songs is easy.

The Sansa Shaker also comes with a lanyard, a U.S.B cable and one 512 megabyte SD card for all your favorite tunes.


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