iPhone, coming soon?

According to recent reports, Apple is looking to release their new iPhone in June. I’ve done some reading about this phone and I have to say that while it looks very interesting, it also looks as though it may be quite a waste of money. Net news states that it will cost somewhere from $50 – $250 a month to maintain your iPhone through AT&T/Cingular directly. This sucks for those of us who have just renewed our two year contracts with other companies.

Apple representatives have stated that the iPhone is going to be the newest technology in portable phones that’s going to basically remove the need for anything from blackberry’s to even mini-laptops built specifically for travel, for that matter. With the option of a 4 or an 8 gig hard drive you can store everything from music to movies, pictures and more.

My issue with this product, however, is that it mainly works in theory. A completely digital phone is a great idea but with most cellphones, I know if the screen is damaged then I’d still at least have the ability to dial 9-11 in an emergency. With the iPhone requiring completely digital technology, you’ll basically be stuck on that long dark road by yourself kicking yourself in the butt because of your purchase.

But hey, that’s just my take on it.


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