Colored Wii?

It seems like the folks at GameDrift got an “anonymous Nintendo rep” to confirm that new colored Wiis are heading our way, particularly in red and black. This seems to jive with earlier rumblings of new colored Wiimotes, which gets our hopes up very high. Unfortunately, the anonymous rep forgot to reveal availability, so we’ll just have to continue waiting. Though I personally believe I’ve reached the point where I’d just be happy to find one, regardless of what color it is! I’ve been looking high and low for a Wii to give as an anniversary gift to my fiance and I can’t seem to find one anywhere! Technorati: Wii, Colored Wii, Hype, Anonymous Tips

MP3 Player Shakes Up Music

Think music, think fun times with friends, think food. All sounds good? Well, what do you make of a salt-shaker-shaped MP3 player designed for food shaped fun! One shake fits all with this music player as the idea of shaking something to mix up the contents (music play list) is one that everyone can understand. The Sansa Shaker from SanDisk comes in at around $40 which is a reasonable price for what you get. The MP3 player comes with an on-board speaker, making it easier to share audio files with everyone at the table. Sunday lunch with the in-laws has just got a whole lot better! The salt-shaker-shaped music player can only play MP3 or WAV files and the shaking action does take a little time to get into, but there are two headphone jacks and headphones included. With one…

Penquin Soda Siphon

This Penguin Soda Siphon allows you to make fresh sparking water and soda with superior taste and fizz at home. Once you have filled the carafe with water and placed inside the siphon, a few presses of the lever infuse the liquid with carbonation; press fewer times for light fizz, or more times for heavier bubbles, allowing complete customization of sparkling water in seconds. The siphon completely eliminates the need to purchase and store multiple bottles and cans, and it operates without batteries or electricity. Included with this soda siphon are two dishwasher-safe glass carafes with stoppers along with two CO2 cartridges. This product can be purchased from for the price tag of around $250.00. Technorati:, Penquin Soda Siphon, Soda, Sparkling Water

Article about the iPhone has just released an article named 20 things we don’t know about the iPhone. I found it to be quite interesting and felt as though I should share it with you. This is a direct copy and paste from the article.

iPhone, coming soon?

According to recent reports, Apple is looking to release their new iPhone in June. I’ve done some reading about this phone and I have to say that while it looks very interesting, it also looks as though it may be quite a waste of money. Net news states that it will cost somewhere from $50 – $250 a month to maintain your iPhone through AT&T/Cingular directly. This sucks for those of us who have just renewed our two year contracts with other companies.

I’m coming back!

For quite some time now I’ve done all of my posting on, when I realized the potential of just how great my web design business could be with a personal touch, I decided to restart my blog. I’ve integrated old archives based on the topics of Web Design, Programming, Technology and Gadgets because this is the route that this blog will now take. I do plan on doing quite a bit with this domain, and updating regularly, please feel free to comment on anything that sparks your interest. Technorati: Reopening, Blogging, AGn Designs